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The WordPress User Roles

Whenever you add new users, you have to assign them a role. Different roles do do different things! I made a small table below for you:

Administrator – These have complete control over your blog, from deleting it – to editing it’s CSS.
Editor – These are able to create, edit, and delete and post/page.
Author These can only edit, manage, and delete their own posts only – as well as make new ones.
Contributor – All these can do is edit their own posts. After they submit a new post, the admin must approve it before it shows up on the blog. After it’s been approved, they can’t edit it anymore.

Be very careful who you make different roles. An Admin can turn around and delete every single post you have. Choose wisely!

For more detailed information, please see the following support docs:




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Because Wp.com is so awesome, it comes with all the SEO you’ll ever need. For people who don’t know what “SEO” is, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. In the long run, it’s better to stay with Wp.com than go to WordPress.org and get a ton of SEO plugins.


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Making a Comeback


I’m making a comeback on the forums and on this blog – with a new year, and an all new header. I hope you find my information helpful and keep checking back for new posts! 🙂


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