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I’ve seen a lot of discussion over themes over the past days and I thought I would expand on how they work with WordPress.com.

Many people call themes different things, like templates, or designs (and both of them are right!). To get to the themes page, just click on the button that says “Change Theme”, located on the homepage of your dashboard.


WordPress.com currently offers 77 different ones, and you can move between them at any time. You can edit them via the CSS Upgrade, but that’s all – unless you move to WordPress.org. You can’t use a custom theme, unless your a VIP Member.

Most themes let you have extra options, like editing colors, using a custom header, having widgets, and more. When you have a theme activated, it won’t appear at all when you look for it on the themes page – but it’ll show up again once you de-activate it. You can even preview a theme before you activate it.

When searching for a theme, you can use filters, and it’s tags. Browse through them A-Z, Randomly, or check out some popular ones. You should also take a look at this video on how to choose a theme for your blog:


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