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Many WordPress.com Users have more than one account. Then they sign up for another blog on a new account. Here’s something I spotted on the WordPress forums today:

Our main blog is loukia.wordpress.com. Recently I created a new blog form work with my work e-mail aiscp1.wordpress.com. I can go to either blog. But now when I try to edit loukia, I am sent to the aiscp1 dashboard. I can no longer edit loukia! How do I get around this?

What you need to do, is be logged onto the correct account. Let’s say for this blog, my username is wpadvanced. But for my second blog, my username is wpadvanced1. If I’m trying to edit my blog that I have on wpadvanced1, I need to log out of my current account, and log into wpadvanced1. You can tell which account you are logged into via the global Dashboard (dashboard.wordpress.com). In the top right corner, It’ll say “Howdy, username!”.

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This post was made in hope to help out a loyal wordpress user, aiscp1.


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